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VUM, a.s. is an important manufacturer of carbon-based products in central Europe.

Its production programme consists of carbons materials – electrode substance is used in the production of ferroalloys and calcium carbide, calcined materials of various fractions are mainly used in the production of steel, grey cast iron as curburizers, industrial ceramics, high-temperature reductant, abrasive materials and in other applications.

The company's strategic aim is to raise the existing quality standards of the products, broaden cooperation with the clients, search for new possibilities how to extend the portfolio of used raw materials, and initiate development of new technologies and production of new products. These aims are to a significant extent also fulfilled through the cooperation with renowned scientific and research institutions via a joint research and development workplace, which is not a traditional form in Slovakia.

The company enjoys a long-term and successful cooperation with public service authorities in the field of safety at work improvement and workplace and environment improvement. This process is also driven by good relationship between the employer and the employees.

VUM, a.s.


VUM, a.s., Priemyselná 12,
965 63, Žiar nad Hronom

Tel: +421/(0)45/ 601 25 02
Fax: +421/(0)45/ 601 34 04


Company VUM, a.s. has since 2005 certified Quality Managements System, system of occupational safety and environment.